For ease of navigation, I’ve grouped some of the long-form series I’ve written together. Enjoy!

Fates Worse Than Death

The Pleasures of Anthology

  • Part One (book collecting; science fiction anthologies)
  • Part Two (H. P. Lovecraft and Weird Tales)
  • Part Three (comic books)
  • Part Four (comic strips; recuperating from illness)
  • Part Five (record collecting; early development of the album)
  • Part Six (records; the LP and “greatest hits”)
  • Part Seven (Harry Smith and the Anthology of American Folk Music)

Points of Connection

  • Part One: The Many Children of Krypton (pastiche and copycat characters in comics; Squadron Supreme)
  • Part Two: A is A . . . or is it? (pastiche in Watchmen)
  • Part Three: Invasion of the TV Doppelgangers (“Bizarro Jerry;” counterparts in TV sitcoms)
  • Part Four: Mirror Universes (Galaxy Quest and reconciliation)
  • Part Five: Shadow Kingdoms (fictional branding; Disney and Escape from Tomorrow)

Orphans of the Orchestra (ongoing)

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